Letter from the Noble Ruler

    •      I would like to welcome and thank you for visiting Mississippi State's Beta Tau Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho. Alpha Gamma Rho is not for one's college days alone; the bonds of friendship forged here last entire lifetimes. In order to cultivate such lasting friendships, we bring together a very special group of young men who share common values in an effort to promote the highest degree of success in their lives. I have personally been blessed beyond measure in my experience as a man of Alpha Gamma Rho; an experience that has made me a better student, leader, and person. The enriching influences of Alpha Gamma Rho have been a fundamental part of my college experience, helping me to grow in ways never possible in the classroom alone and better preparing me for life after college. 


           Alpha Gamma Rho has an important motto:  To Make Better Men. We achieve this motto by following our Brotherhood Program. 


      The Brotherhood Program has  helped the Fraternity attain stature never 

      before achieved by any  fraternal organization. We have been able to do so by attracting and retaining high quality men. This program is set around our four fundamental pillars our founders set forth in 1904:  Recruitment, Commintment, Education, and Recognition. These were used to construct a program with the following parameters:


      1) No more pledging.
      2) If it's required of a freshman, it must be required of a senior.
      3) No more dominant/subservient relationships.
      4) Rewards must be based on objective criteria and must not encourage class division


           I take pride in the fact that I joined an organization the has worked so hard in order to get away from the negative stigma of fraternity life you see in the media. As a potential new member of Alpha Gamma Rho, you will not be asked or expected to participate in a "pledgeship."  We find that demoralizing, and I will promise you that everyone is treated equally within our fraternity.


           All in all, when I joined Alpha Gamma Rho my freshman year, I didn’t just join a fraternity. I signed up for lifelong memories, friendships, and incomparable opportunities. I want the same for you. Wherever you join, or if you don’t join, I want you to be happy; it just so happens I think you will be happiest here. Thank you for reading my address and thank you for checking out our website. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns at baw487@msstate.edu or (251)-550-5471. I will answer all emails, phone calls, and text messages. 


      Hail State!


      Benjamin Wilcox

      Alpha Gamma Rho

      Beta Tau Chapter

      Noble Ruler