• What's Been Happening at Alpha Gamma Rho?


    We just began the spring semster. We are begining to get everyone settled into the house to get ready to start classes. We are looking foward to rush in a few weeks. We already have a few promising potential new members.


    If you have questions regarding membership in our organization, please contact Gresham Stephens at (813)-763-6646, or by email at  He will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


    Our yearly plans will be posted within a few weeks.



  • Upcoming Events:


    Fall Rush

    • Aug. 23rd- Tabling
    • Aug. 24th-25th- Chapter Visits
    • Aug. 26th- Open House
    • Aug. 27th- Round-up Day
    • Aug. 28th- Food Night
    • Aug. 29th- Bid Day